environmental chemistry minor

Many students who want to work in fields that involve the environment and humans’ roles in its protection choose the environmental chemistry minor. Optional courses include GIS, ecology, Earth sciences and, if you choose, a practicum for hands-on experience.

credits required for the Environmental Chemistry minor


of students are assigned multiple advisers devoted to guiding them through their four years at WOU


of students who apply to WOU are selected for admission

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Highlights of the program

    • Take a deep dive into geographic information system technology
    • Understand the Earth’s natural resources and humans’ responsibility to sustain them
    • Learn how your place in the workforce can benefit the global community

Example Courses



Professor, Chemistry
503-838-8644 | flattp@wou.edu | DFSC 209


Laboratory Preparator, Chemistry, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
503-838-8488 | gonzalezh@wou.edu | DFSC 210


NTT Instructor, Chemistry
503-838-8020 | henles@wou.edu | DFSC 110

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