Western Oregon University Board of Trustees approves tuition increase

Written by Maureen Brakke

– The Western Oregon University Board of Trustees convened on April 16 and 17 to consider and approve several items, including the tuition & fees for the 2024-25 academic year.

The Tuition Advisory Committee, which includes students, staff, and faculty, submitted a proposed five percent tuition increase, which was accepted by President Jesse Peters and presented to the Board of Trustees on April 17. The trustees approved the five percent increase to resident undergraduate tuition and a 4.86 percent increase to nonresident undergraduate tuition. Graduate tuition will increase by five percent, and is assessed at the same rate regardless of residency. Summer 2024 tuition rates are included at the same rates as the 2024-25 academic year.

“We firmly believe that higher education should be accessible to all, and affordability is a cornerstone of our mission,” shares Board of Trustee Chair Betty Komp. “While a slight increase was necessary, it enables us to continue delivering quality education and support to our students, ensuring their success and fulfillment throughout their academic journey.”

Western Oregon University remains among the most affordable public higher education institutions in Oregon, offering the second-lowest tuition rate in the state. Western is also a member of the Western Undergraduate Exchange, the largest regional interstate tuition savings program, where students from participating states can attend Western and pay no more than 150 percent of the in-state resident tuition rate. 

“Students choose Western because it’s a special place. We take pride in offering students a tailored educational experience, fostering a sense of belonging, and delivering quality support services,” said President Jesse Peters. “We have worked hard to maintain affordability without compromising the exceptional quality of education and services that define Western. This slight tuition increase reflects our dedication to sustaining the excellence that makes us truly extraordinary.”


About Western Oregon University

Western Oregon University, established in Monmouth in 1856, proudly stands as Oregon’s oldest public university. Hosting around 4,000 students, Western embodies a mid-sized, NCAA Division II institution, with approximately 80% of its students hailing from within the state. Notably, its diverse student body comprises individuals from underrepresented backgrounds, veterans, and non-traditional learners. Western stands as the preferred campus in Oregon for those pursuing an enriching education within a nurturing, student-focused environment, characterized by faculty-led instruction.  Together we succeed.

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