Western Oregon University students foster global citizenship and academic excellence

Pictured left to right: Jaxon Hutchinson, Meriby Salgado Ydrac, and Arlette Tapia

Written by Maureen Brakke, Director of Marketing and Communications

MONMOUTH, Ore. – Western Oregon University is proud to showcase the achievements of three outstanding students who participated in recent study abroad and internship programs. Students Jaxon Hutchinson, Meriby Salgado Ydrac, and Arlette Tapia Lopez,  demonstrated their dedication to academic excellence and global engagement. 

Hutchinson, a linguistics enthusiast, studied in Germany during the 2022-23 academic year where he presented his linguistics research at a prestigious conference in Hamburg. Building on his success, Hutchinson is now preparing to pursue a master’s degree in linguistics in Germany.

Ydrac participated in the National Student Exchange program in Puerto Rico during the fall of 2022. This experience provided her with a unique perspective on Puerto Rican culture and allowed her to develop a deeper understanding of global diversity. Inspired by her time abroad, she now works in the study abroad office as a study abroad advisor, where she continues to support and guide fellow students in their pursuit of international experiences.

Lopez made a significant impact as a Movement Building Youth Fellow at Capaces in Woodburn this past summer. She contributed to the organization’s mission of empowering the Latine community through her dedication and hard work. She is applying to law school, where she hopes to advocate for underrepresented communities and promote social justice. 

Western is committed to providing students with transformative educational experiences that prepare them for success in an interconnected world. Their achievements exemplify the university’s dedication to fostering global citizenship and academic excellence. 

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About Western Oregon UniversityWestern Oregon University, established in Monmouth in 1856, proudly stands as Oregon’s oldest public university. Hosting around 4,000 students, Western embodies a mid-sized, NCAA Division II institution, with approximately 80% of its students hailing from within the state. Notably, its diverse student body comprises individuals from underrepresented backgrounds, veterans, and non-traditional learners. Western stands as the preferred campus in Oregon for those pursuing an enriching education within a nurturing, student-focused environment, characterized by faculty-led instruction. Together we succeed.

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