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The Criminal Justice Sciences Division at Western Oregon University is home to the Western Restorative Justice and Reentry Center (WRJRC). The Center supports the goals of the division, the programs within, and the university. WRJRC is uniquely positioned to address needs in the local community, across the state of Oregon, nationally, and internationally. This is accomplished through strategic partnerships for conducting research as well as publicizing our academic journal, Journal of Restoration, Rehabilitation, and Reentry (R3), to promote the dissemination of research worldwide.

Center Goals and Proposed Outcomes

The purpose of WRJRC is to promote research in the field of non-punitive approaches to solving crime problems by providing a space for like-minded scholars who focus on the areas of restorative justice, correctional rehabilitation, post-incarceration reentry, and decreasing recidivism to facilitate and disseminate such research. The Center serves as a space to promote research aligned with these goals; promote the ability to collaborate and disseminate research conducted by both affiliated and non-affiliated researchers through the Center’s website, conferences, and seminars; and the use of the journal housed in the Center as a way of advocating for the importance of alternatives to incarceration.

Mission Statement

Connecting scholars with each other and with those agencies and practitioners whose work can be supported by research findings coming out of WRJRC:

  • to broaden the knowledge base in the criminal justice field through research in the areas of restorative justice, correctional rehabilitation, post-incarceration reentry, and decreasing recidivism;
  • to expand the impact and influence of research with an emphasis on public criminology, and
  • serving as a resource on best practices in restoration and criminal justice reform for all parties interested in this line of work;
  • to improve the educational experiences of students and community by providing opportunities for collaborative research; and
  • to promote research to fill the existing gap in literature in the areas of interest on which the Center focuses.

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