Michael R. Freeman

Art Department, Western Oregon University

345 N. Monmouth Ave, Monmouth, OR 97361

(503) 838-8326; freemanm@wou.edu



  • A 204: Art History: Prehistoric through Late Antiquity

  • A 205: Art History: Middle Ages through Renaissance

  • A 206: Art History: Baroque through Contemporary

  • A 304: History of Modern Art, 1789-1914

  • A 305: History of Modern Art, 1914-1965

  • A 306: History of Modern Art, 1965-Present

  • A 404C: History of African Art

  • A 404C: The Use of Film in the Study of Non-Western Art

  • A 404C: Art of Latin America

  • A 405C: Gender in Art

  • A 406W: Contemporary Art and Theory

  • A 406W: American Art History: The Colonial Era to the 1930s

  • A 406W: West Coast Modern