Adry Clark

Director | Service Learning & Career Development

Hometown: Reykjavik, Iceland | 503-838-8648

“In inclusion to me is where everyone’s unique background, strengths and skills are valued, integrated and leveraged to create a strong organization and community.”

Adry Clark
Logan Doerfler

Logan Doerfler

Director | Veterans Resource Center

Hometown: Corvallis, OR | 503-838-9246

“To me, inclusion is equality of treatment and access to opportunities regardless of physical or mental status, perceived belonging, color, and creed. It means you treat each other with kindness as your fellow human, first and foremost.”

Carlos Fonseca, Jr.

(He, Him, His)

Resident Director | University Housing

Hometown: Klamath Falls, OR | 503-838-8236

“To me, inclusion is providing equitable space and opportunity for everybody, while promoting and celebrating the identities that make us unique.”

Carlos Fonseca
Logan Doerfler

Nichole Garcia

Office Specialist 2 | Campus Dining

Hometown: | 503-838-8278

Alexis Larson

(She, Her, Hers)

SACI Co-Chair

Administrative Program Specialist | Office of Disability Services

Hometown: Frazier Park, CA | 503-838-8250

“Inclusion to me is creating a ‘level playing field’ for those who might otherwise be left out; it is an ongoing process that highlights the value of varying perspectives and abilities in an effort to elevate those who have been historically marginalized as we work toward a common goal (or, our shared future).”

Alexis Larson
Zachary Hammerle

Emmanuel Macías

(Él, He, Him, His)

Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs | Student Affairs

Hometown: Hermiston, OR | 503-838-8423

“Inclusion to me means fostering a space that welcomes diverse perspectives, identities, and ideas, while actively taking action towards the elimination of systems of oppression.”

Andrea Piercy


Financial Aid Specialist | Financial Aid

Hometown: Aurora, IL | 503-838-8475

Inclusion means that everyone has a place at the table and where all voices have a chance to be heard.”

Logan Doerfler
Akaanchya Pradhan

Veronica Rodriguez

Medical Assistant | Student Health & Counseling Center

Hometown: | 503-838-8313

Katelin Stewart


Coordinator, Student Activities and Inclusion | Student Engagement

Hometown: Manteca, CA | 503-838-8656

“Inclusion to me is creating safe and brave spaces for students to be their authentic selves, identifying and working to change inequities in policy and procedures that are barriers to students.

Katelin Stewart