Student Affairs Committee on Inclusion


Welcome from the Committee!

The members of the Student Affairs Committee on Inclusion (SACI) would like to thank you for visiting our website. We have provided a plethora of resources for you to take back to your office and other areas of involvement at Western Oregon University and in the division of Student Affairs. Our committee was charged to develop and promote inclusion across Student Affairs for our faculty, staff and students. SACI will also provide leadership to the University’s ongoing efforts to shape an inclusive university environment. We encourage you to utilize the resources provide and feel free to contact us with any questions!


A message from the Vice President of Student Affairs


Gary Dukes
Gary L. Dukes, Ph.D.

The goal of the Division of Student Affairs is to promote inclusion at our events, programs, and within our areas. The Student Affairs Committee on Inclusion was created to address issues of exclusion on the WOU campus. One of the main efforts of the committee was to create a list of Diversity Competencies that we can strive to achieve in our work. As you review the competencies, seek ways to incorporate these concepts into your professional interactions. I also encourage you to utilize these opportunities for personal growth and development. Throughout the year, the Student Affairs Committee on Inclusion will continue to offer programming, resources, and events to enhance your knowledge based on these competencies.