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Campus Inclement Weather Notice

Today, June 19, 2024, campus is open and operating as usual.

Check back for live updates. For a recorded update notice call: 503-838-8026.

Text line for Deaf/Heard of Hearing: 503-838-8481It is the general policy of Western Oregon University to remain open unless it is determined that safety is compromised by adverse conditions or lack of utility services. If the decision is made that conditions have compromised the safety of the campus, one of the following decisions will be made by the University:

  • Campus is open for business services only/classes are cancelled
  • Campus opening is delayed/business services and classes are delayed
  • Campus is closed for the day/business services and classes are cancelled

The notices will be issued no later than 6:30 a.m. It is the responsibility of each student, faculty, or staff member to find out if conditions have affected the campus and a decision has been made concerning closure or delay in opening the campus.  Information will be available through a variety of media:

  • Campus Web site:
  • Campus Inclement Weather Hotline: 503-838-8026
  • Local TV and radio stations
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @westernoregonuniversity

Note: Because conditions may vary considerably within the region, each student, faculty, or staff member must assess his or her unique situation and determine travel safety from their location to campus. If the campus is open, and an individual determines they are unable to come to campus due to their inability to travel to Monmouth, they should contact their faculty member, dean, division chair, director, or supervisor, whichever is applicable. If an employee is designated as an “essential employee” but determines they are unable to come to campus due to their inability to travel to Monmouth, they should contact their supervisor.

All normal work functions are expected to stop in the event of closure or delay. Only employees who have been requested to work by their supervisor will work as mutually agreed upon with the supervisor. For classified staff, this is governed by the CBA and the employees’ designation as an essential employee.


The following buildings will be open for students during a closure or delayed opening with essential staffing:

  • University Residences
  • Valsetz Dining Hall
  • Werner University Center
  • Campus Safety

For the complete Inclement Weather policy: click here

Current conditions on Campus

Live view of the Instructional Technology Center (ITC)
Campus cam: live view of the
Instructional Technology Center (ITC)

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