After September 30, 2016, the Western Region Interpreter Education Center (WRIEC) will no longer support this website as our federal funding has ended. This site will remain open but we will not be able to respond to inquiries.

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WRIEC - Western Region Intrpreter Center

Programs, Projects and Activities

Over a five-year grant cycle, currently 2010-2015, WRIEC offers numerous programs, projects and activities. The slate of offerings are guided by a number of factors, including grant funding requirements, available funding, proven effective practices identified in WRIEC's 2005-2010 grant cycle and from feedback and input provided by our constituents in Roundtables, surveys, focus groups and informal chats.


WRIEC's programs, projects and activities are often described as "region specific" or "NCIEC shared." In all cases, they are developed and conducted collaboratively with our local partner networks. If there is program, project or activity that you would like to be a part of, please do let us know at



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