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This major allows you to combine emphases in any two disciplines in the Humanities division: French, German, linguistics, literature, modern languages, Spanish, philosophy, religious studies or writing. Can’t confine yourself to just one area of interest? A Humanities major might be the perfect solution in that it highlights the most distinct of human traits: language. You can combine courses in a way that fulfills your intellectual and career needs.

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credits required for the Humanities major


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Learning outcomes

  • Creatively integrate and apply perspectives from multiple humanities disciplines to understand language, culture, literary art and/or religious and philosophical thought
  • Critically analyze ideas and languages in several humanities disciplines
  • Effectively communicate concepts studied in Humanities disciplines in writing and/or speech, adapting to meet the needs of multiple audiences

Career opportunities

  • Foreign correspondent
  • Human resources specialist
  • Linguist
  • Technical writer
  • French/German/Spanish interpreter

Humanities minor

Just 15 credits of upper-division courses will earn you a minor in humanities. Plus, there are a lot of classes to choose from, including those that focus on culture, religious thought, philosophy and literary art. Craft your perfect combination of language, communication and writing in the humanities minor program.

credits required for the Humanities minor



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