Computer Science

The WOU Computer Science program includes instruction in both the theoretical and applied aspects of computing, with a primary goal of developing the hands-on skills that will make you marketable to employers in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. You’ll take courses in introductory to advanced programming, computer architecture, and software development, preparing you for jobs at companies such as Microsoft, Dell, Shiftwise, Fiserv, and Umpqua Bank.

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Choose from B.A.S., B.A. or B.S.

credits required for the Computer Science major

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of master's degree can be completed as an undergrad at WOU

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Learning outcomes

  • Develop expertise in software engineering practices
  • Master software development and project management tools consistent with current industry standards
  • Exhibit autodidactic qualities through individual studies, group projects and research opportunities

Career opportunities

  • Software developer
  • Software engineer
  • DevOps engineer
  • Quality assurance
  • Mobile app designer

Computer Science minor

It’s no secret that understanding technology and how it works is a huge selling point in many professions. A minor in computer science can be a terrific complement to almost any major, including business, criminal justice, mathematics or communications.

credits required for the Computer Science minor



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Professor, CS Program Coordinator, Computer Science Division
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Professor, Computer Science Division
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NTT Instructor, Computer Science Division
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