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Chemistry majors get the foundational education they need to advance to a variety of professional fields such as medicine, oceanography or environmental science. Others choose to explore forensic science, education or graduate studies after they complete their undergraduate chemistry degree at WOU. While here, you will study organic chemistry, mathematics, quantitative analysis and more, preparing you for whatever direction your career takes you.

I’m also a minor with multiple tracks!

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Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of major concepts, theoretical principles and experimental findings in chemistry
  • Use and apply of laboratory methods and scientific instrumentation to investigate a scientific hypothesis, conduct experiments, analyze data and interpret results
  • Gather, comprehend, apply and communicate credible information on scientific and technical topics and recognize the proper use of scientific data, principles and theories to assess the quality of stated conclusions

Career opportunities

  • Health practitioner
  • Toxicologist
  • Science teacher
  • Environmental consultant
  • Forensic scientist

Chemistry minor

Choose from a variety of specialty minors in addition to the traditional chemistry minor option. Pre-professional majors, aspiring nursing students, Earth science majors, criminal justice majors and students interested in pharmacology should consider one of the chemistry minor programs.

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