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Western Oregon University alum expands leadership career in Oregon National Guard

MONMOUTH, Ore. – Western Oregon University highlights the accomplishments of alum Jenifer Pardy ‘22, a brigadier general in the Oregon National Guard. Pardy received her master’s degree in organizational leadership from Western.

During her time in the military, she has received specific education in military professional education and development. A master’s degree in organizational leadership was the ideal complementary education to her career. 

Pardy is currently the director of the joint staff for the Oregon National Guard. Working in a large organization and getting her graduate degree was the perfect fit to give her the tools and knowledge needed to help move the organization forward.

“In this role, I have the opportunity to represent our organization in the community and to other state partners. We have a state program where we’re partnered with both Bangladesh and Vietnam and we do military-to-military training engagements.” shared Pardy. 

Pardy emphasizes the importance of time management. Pardy worked full-time throughout graduate school and believes that as a leader, it’s important to be a continuous learner. She adds that she’s always leaned into new opportunities, another reason she has been successful in her career. 

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