Western Oregon University student competes in American Ninja Warrior

MONMOUTH, Ore. – Western Oregon University student Caiden Madzelan is a first-year majoring in exercise science and has competed on the hit show, American Ninja Warrior, three times at 19.

American Ninja Warrior is a competition show where elite athletes compete on the world’s most difficult obstacle courses. In the newest season, athletes compete in new, leveled-up stages, including a never-before-seen pole vault, the tallest-ever Mega Wall, and thrilling head-to-head races.

Madzelan was in fourth grade when he was inspired by his father’s CrossFit coach, who applied for the show. In middle school, they announced their inaugural season ANW Junior and he applied. He placed in the semi-finalists at the age of 13. The age limit for ANW was lowered from 21 to 15 during the COVID-19 pandemic, where he competed in his first adult season. 

“There are other ninja warrior leagues that are not affiliated with the show all around the country. I compete in these all the time,” shared Madzelan. “In my last completion, which was a month ago, I placed first. It fills my cup up to compete in these leagues when I’m not competing on the show.”

Madzelan competes in the World Ninja League during his off-season. His goal is to become a physical education teacher and eventually open his own ninja warrior gym for other athletes to train. Ninja warrior gyms have obstacle courses similar to the show, where athletes can train and practice.  


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