Western Oregon unveils Peace Pole installation, fostering harmony and unity

MONMOUTH, Ore. – Western Oregon University proudly celebrates a milestone in its journey towards global unity and understanding with the unveiling of a Peace Pole on its campus.

Crafted as a profound monument, the Peace Pole stands as a powerful symbol, bearing the timeless message “May peace prevail on earth” in an array of languages that resonate deeply within Western’s diverse community. At the heart of this structure lie eight languages that echo the vibrant tapestry of the institution’s realm: English, Spanish, German, American Sign Language, Japanese, Indigenous Language, Amharic, and Filipino.

In a resounding testament to collaboration and shared purpose, Western’s International Club, Model United Nations Club, Stitch Closet, and MEChA Club united their passions, alongside Western’s dedicated facilities services, to bring this vision to life. This collaboration embodies an earnest aspiration to nurture peace and mutual comprehension amidst diverse cultures, heritages, and perspectives.

Recognition and appreciation go to Monmouth’s Rotary Club, whose generous contribution not only granted Western the Peace Pole itself but also signifies an unwavering commitment to students and global harmony.

“Witnessing our students unite in this endeavor that beautifully encapsulates the spirit of the Western Oregon University community fills me with immense pride,” said President Jesse Peters. “We persist in our quest to fashion spaces that exude an ambiance of tranquility and serenity.”

Western’s campus community thrives on the diverse tapestry of its members’ backgrounds, cultural experiences, identities, and expressions. Central to nurturing an inclusive environment, the Peace Pole stands as an important catalyst.


About Western Oregon University

Western Oregon University, founded in 1856 in Monmouth, is the state’s oldest public university. Serving about 4,000 students, WOU is a mid-sized, NCAA Division II institution with about 70% of the student population being from Oregon. A significant portion of attendees are members of under-represented groups, veterans, or non-traditional students. WOU is Oregon’s campus of choice for those seeking a transformative education in a supportive, student-centered learning community where classes are taught by faculty. Together we succeed.

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