Introducing Students (or Anyone Else) to Power Searching With Google

Remember the days when you spent hours in the library looking through dusty books taking notes on 3 x 5 cards? If you were a chemistry student, you used the dreaded volumes of Chemical Abstracts which required knowledge of how to use a series of different paper indexes and whose tomes took up entire sections of floors of libraries. Although today’s students are used to “googling” everything, most just type sentences or a few keywords into the search box to find information. Google has many search tools that allow the researcher to conduct efficient searches that can target results from reputable and scholarly sources.

I have put together a web resource for use by my upper division students (although it could be used by students at any level as well as non students) that introduces them to a variety of tools allowing them to target specific types of information. The site is freely available for anyone to use for themselves or their students.  You might even find some tools with which you were unfamiliar!

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