If You Make “How To” Documents, This is a Really Sweet Deal!

I wrote an earlier post about Clarify by Blue Mango Learning Systems which is a great application for making quick tutorials demonstrating how to do something on a computer for your students or friends without investing a lot of time making screencasts.  The application allows you to capture computer screenshots and annotate them.

Clarify_iconClarify 2 is now available and has some new awesome features including the ability to now have nested steps, multiple images per step, nested lists, and use auto-numbering of steps.  You can output your tutorial into a customizable PDF, as a Word document, HTML, Markdown or send to a WordPress blog.  You can also make custom Word or HTML templates if you so desire.  To learn more about the features of Clarify 2, go to the Blue Mango website.  Clarify 2 is available for both OS X and Windows platforms, and there is also a cross-platform license which is what I have.  You can download a free 14-day trial version if you want to try it out.  However if you want a really sweet deal, you can get it for half-price from now through Cyber Monday from the Clarify Store for just $14.99 if you use the coupon code CYBERMONDAY2014.  If you haven’t already done an upgrade from the original Clarify to version 2, you can also do that for $14.99.

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