Fast, but cost effective shipping

For times where you want your shipment to move quickly, but not “overnight quickly”, there are many options. The optimal choice depends on many factors, such as destination, contents, weight and value of the parcel, and upon the shipper’s definition of “quick”. Below is an overview of the services each courier provides for cost effective, but faster mailing services.

USPS Priority Mail

Priority mail guarantees delivery in 3-5 business days, but often delivers as quickly as 1 or 2 depending on the distance between locations. This is the most cost effective option for this class of mail. For more information visit the USPS Priority Mail page.

UPS Air & Ground Services

UPS offers 2nd and 3rd day air options with optional Saturday delivery, as well as Ground class shipping. Oddly, depending upon destination, Ground class shipping might have your parcel delivered before 2nd or 3rd day air options! Before you decide, call Mail Services to learn about available options, or check out some of the services on the UPS Information site.


FedEx and FedEx Ground Services

Many don’t realize that FedEx Ground and FedEx express are two separate delivery entities. FedEx has more options for delivery than FedEx Ground, but at times, the Ground option may end up being cheaper and faster. Check with Mail Services to see which option is right for you.

 More information is available on the FedEx Information page.


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