Desktop App Overview

July 21, 2020 Amanda Bales 0

Your “home page” on SendPro Enterprise is called “Desktop App” (not to be confused with “Desktop Shipping App”, but we’ll deal with that later). The […]

How to pack a box

July 16, 2020 Amanda Bales 0

1. Pack it up Mail Couriers are (in fact) human beings and human beings can sometimes make mistakes. They trip, they drop things and sometimes […]

Bulk Mailing

July 16, 2020 Amanda Bales 0

What is Bulk Mail? The term “bulk mail” (often referred to as “presorted” mail) refers to larger quantities of mail prepared for mailing at reduced […]

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Sending Mail at WOU

July 16, 2020 Amanda Bales 0

Half of what we do is send out mail for the faculty and staff of the university. Here are some general guidelines that should always be followed […]