The mission of the Polk County Cultural Coalition (PCCC) is to encourage projects and activities in the arts, heritage, and humanities that relate to the priorities of  the PCCC.

  • Protect existing cultural assets
  • Focus on young people
  • Help overcome barriers to participation in cultural events and activities

Funding of Projects

PCCC provides funding for projects submitted by non-profit organizations which meet the mission statement. Funds for grants come to PCCC from the Oregon Cultural Trust.

PCCC grants range from $200 to $2500. Materials, guidelines and application forms for the Primary Grant Cycle for PCCC funds for 2020 are available by viewing and printing the 2020 PCCC Grant Application.

Grant Calendar for 2019-20

  • September 1, 2019 – Grant guidelines and application forms available
  • December 1, 2019 – Postmark deadline for applications
  • December 2019 – Review of Grant Proposals
  • January/February 2020 – Disbursement of grant funds begins

The intention of PCCC is to allocate most funds during the Primary Grant Cycle.  A Secondary Grant Cycle may be used to disburse funds unallocated in the primary cycle.   The secondary cycle will consider proposals not received in the Primary Grant Cycle and proposals solicited by PCCC.

More information is available by contacting:

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