Book Contents and Links from Chapters

The Book

Critical Library Pedagogy in Practice was published in November 2021. A PDF of the whole book is available to download through Leeds Beckett University’s Repository. Individual chapters will be made available by the authors, and we will be uploading links to these as and when they become available.

The ebook is Open Access and is published by Innovative Libraries Press. If you would like to purchase a physical copy of the book, it is available on various online bookshops including Barnes and Noble and Blackwells.

Links within the text

These are the links that appear at hyperlinks in the ebook version of the text.

Chapter 1 Alice Harvey and Laura Elliot, Developing and Delivering Resistance Researching

OCLC Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) 23 Summaries, 

Gender Balance Assessment Tool


Chapter 3 Sajni Lacey, Reconsidering Authority

Radical Teacher Vol. 106, 2016



Chapter 4 Erin Durham, #Critlib in the Classroom: Investigating Information Power and Privilege in a Library One-Shot Session

The information privilege lesson plan, role card activity, and slides can be freely accessed and incorporated through the following Google drive folder:

Chapter 5 Clare McCluskey Dean, Exploring how reading list design is influenced by power and structures with undergraduate students.

Reading list used in validation, York St John

Reading list used 2019-2020, York St John

School library books reading list, York St John

Chapter 8 Jessica Kohout-Tailor, Feminist Pedagogy and Information Literacy Instruction: The Hero(ine)’s Journey

Going Beyond Google video (YouTube)

Chapter 11 Marilyn Clarke, Critical Library Pedagogy in Practice.

Liberate our Library image 

Goldsmith’s Learning Teaching and Assessment Strategy

Chapter 12 Cal Murgu, Web Archives, Critical Digital Literacy, and the Growing Primacy of Born Digital Objects

Internet Archive

Web Archiving LibGuide


Chapter 14 Christa McCartney and Ed Wilkinson, Towards a Critical Curriculum

Games used in teaching