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Aluminum Recycling for Kids


Fun facts about recycling pop cans:

Did you know....

*Recycling one aluminum pop or beverage can will save enough energy to run your TV for three hours.

*A pop can you recycle can be back out on the shelf as a new can is as little as 60 days (2 months).

*Americans earn nearly $1 billion dollars annually from recyling aluminum cans.

* Over 120,000 aluminum cans are recycled every minute in the United States alone!

*American's drink an average of 370 beverages in aluminum cans each year. Thanks to an increase in recycling, the percentage of cans recycled is now 50%...That's a lot of cans! BUT, that still means that the other 50% of cans used is not getting recycled yet.

Trivia: Natural Resources (answers below)

A. What resource is used to make glass?

B. What resource is used to make plastic?

C. What resource is used to make newspaper?












A: Sand

B: Oil

C. Trees



source: http://www.recycle.novelis.com/Recycle/EN/Kids/Fun+Facts/Recycling+Facts+and+Figures/