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The Western Restorative Justice and Reentry Center works with the local community and beyond through organizations, agencies and individuals, to support and promote research and programs in addressing harm through practices that are restorative and healing. 

We focus on the areas of restorative justice, correctional rehabilitation, post-incarceration reentry, and decreasing recidivism.



Racial Justice Series

These trainings will increase participants’ understanding and capacity in talking about racism in society, which can lead to stronger teams who are better able to fulfill their organization’s mission. Having a safe space for discovery and learning is designed into each course and openly discussed.

A social justice initiative of the Western Restorative Justice and Reentry Center.

Where can I learn more about WRJRC?

We encourage you to explore the WRJRC website for more information and details. The center will serve as a space to promote research aligned with the goals of the center; promote the ability to collaborate and disseminate research conducted by both affiliated and non-affiliated researchers through the center’s website, conferences, and seminars; and the use of a journal housed in the center as a way of advocating for the importance of alternatives to incarceration.

How does WRJRC align with WOU’s core values?

Every aspect of WRJRC aligns with WOUs core values of accessibility by supporting the needs of our community members; collaboration through cooperative exploration and problem solving; community through cultivation of social justice; diversity and respect through appreciation for the complexity of the world; empowerment through critical thinking and providing opportunities for community members; excellence through high standards for scholarship and service; and sustainability and stewardship through leadership in service of the public good. Further, WRJRC is built upon prioritizing student-faculty collaboration in research, as supported in the new Master of Science in Justice Studies program in Criminal Justice Sciences.

Explore Project Areas


Criminal justice projects aim to explore interdisciplinary and intersecting perspectives in the administration of justice. 


Reentry projects aim to explore issues related to transition from incarceration into community. 


Restorative Justice projects aim to explore in addressing harm through practices that are restorative and healing.


Social Justice projects aim to explore sociological balance, equity and inclusion in the adminstration of justice. 

Journal of Restoration, Rehabilitation, and Reentry (R3)

R3 Journal Logo

The Western Restorative Justice and Reentry Center (WRJRC) is pleased to house this refereed interdisciplinary journal committed to exploring reformation and healing. The purpose of Journal of Restoration, Rehabilitation, and Reentry (R3) is to promote research in the field of non-punitive approaches to solving crime problems by providing a space for like-minded scholars who focus on the areas of restorative justice, correctional rehabilitation, post-incarceration reentry, and decreasing recidivism to facilitate and disseminate such research.

Additional WRJRC Resources


Meet the people who make up WRJRC governance. 


Meet the practitioners and subject-matter experts serving in an advisory capacity for WRJRC. 


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