What is online tutoring?

An online tutoring session is a 1-hour, real-time consultation with a writing consultant. If you work full-time or have family commitments, the online sessions are perfect for you. Without leaving the workplace or home, you have the opportunity to meet with writing consultants in a manner that honors your responsibilities outside of school.

When scheduling an online appointment, please be aware that our tutors can help you only with content. If your concerns are limited to grammar, you will need to make a face-to-face appointment. Additionally, we require that online appointments be 1-hour due to the unique challenges that the online format presents.

Making an online appointment

Our online appointments are scheduled through the WOU Portal via the WCOnline button. Click on Make An Appointment to learn how to make in-person or online appointment. Online appointments are hosted on our scheduler or can be done through Google Docs.

How to Log in to an online appointment

  1. Log in to the scheduler via the WOU Portal.
  2. Click on your scheduled appointment. A new window should open with your appointment information.
  3. Click on the “Start or Join Online Consultation” text which will appear under the “Meet Online?” question on the appointment page.
  4. A new window will open where you can upload your paper and chat with your tutor in real time.


Writing Center

503-838-8286 | or e-mail: writingcenter@wou.edu | Location: APSC 301