In-Class Feedback Workshops

The Writing Center offers whole-class or small group spotlight workshops where a writing specialist and a writing consultant come to your class on a specified date to work with your students on their drafts.

The writing specialist models for the group what would be done in a regular writing center tutorial by:
1) reading aloud the assignment instructions
2) reading aloud a volunteer’s essay
3) discussing with the student-volunteer the content and/or grammatical error patterns (s)he found within the paper
4) giving strategies on how to self-correct the errors

Spotlight workshops are effective in that all students benefit from them; most often, errors addressed by the specialists with the student-volunteer are common errors that other students make and need to learn how to self-correct. Moreover, spotlight workshops show students and professors, in an authentic context, how the writing center works to empower students to become stronger writers of their college assignments.



Writing Center

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