WOU Writing Center Director

The Writing Center loves helping students increase their confidence, abilities, and self-efficacy as writers. And you, as a professor, can help with that, too. One of your students’ greatest obstacles can come in the form of confusing assignment directions or criteria that does not describe what you value most in a written product. The Writing Center is here to assist you in helping your students to succeed as writers in your classes.  

Dr. Katherine Schmidt

Dr. Katherine Schmidt

Writing Center Director & Professor of Writing

Email: schmidtk@wou.edu

Phone: 503-838-8234

Support for Faculty

Creating writing assignments, giving feedback on drafts, and evaluating students’ final products can be difficult, especially because most doctoral programs do not include writing pedagogy courses for those who plan to teach at the college level. To help you make your experience with writing easier and more equitable, we offer one-to-one assistance with your writing assignments. While you can work with any of our staff members, you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Katherine Schmidt, the Writing Center Director and Professor of English Studies, to get specialized writing-assignment support. In sessions, we can help you with any of the following:

  • creating clear expectations in writing assignments
  • establishing criteria for the students and yourself
  • determining when and how to give students feedback on drafts
  • using writing as a mode of learning in the classroom
  • making plans for the Writing Center to facilitate a Spotlight Workshop in your course

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Workshop for Faculty:
Writing as a Mode of Learning in the Classroom