OER Course Revision Sprint

The past five days I have been working on redesigning a course so that it uses mostly, or exclusively, Open Educational Resources (OERs). Amy Hofer, from OpenOregon, is leading the sprint. The sprint is currently taking place within the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS).

I focused on CSE 624: Internet for Educators. I’ve taught the course 12-14 times, and I’d lost a lot of energy and vision for the course. As I’m teaching it this summer, I wanted the course to be as relevant and interesting as possible–and I wanted it to have more OERs than normal. I usually try to center on free resources in all my courses, OERs or not, but pushing for more OERs was fun.

At the start, this was a bit hard. However, looking through and engaging with the OERs while rethinking the course was refreshing. I am excited about teaching this course again, and I have not felt that way about 624 for a while.

Great, practical fun to be had when seeking out OERs!


Here’s the revised Reading and Resource list!

And if the iframe will work…