Sabbatical: Visual artifacts

Creating book covers

I read a fair amount, and I try to read widely. Creating possible covers for books emerged as I was rereading Borges and Agamben. I thought it would interesting to try and design covers using tools on my iPad and iPhone. Here are some results.








In the selfie era, there are innumerable apps to help make us look our best–or at least how we think, or Capital thinks, we should look. Rather than focus on that approach, I opted to reframe my selfies as a transparent form of confession and share what probably does not come through in my professional work.








WOU Profiles

Like most good experiences, I sort of slid into this by accident: I was documenting attendance at a Sharing Undergraduate Research Experiences (SURE) event I had organized. Rather than risk forgetting, I requested profile pictures of the presenters. Later, while working with different apps on my phone, I realized that the apps could not just adjust but also enhance the images and documents. I sought creation of images that captured the emotional affect as well as the event. I have continued this practice using images from different WOU-related events.