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This is my last post and will probably be a very long as it has been quite a while since my last one, apologies for that. I have been so busy recently!

School stuff is finished. I turned in two big assignments at the end of April, one in particular for my creative intensive writing class took a lot of work and I was very stressed about. This third term, called summer term is for turning in final assignments/assessments for some, exams for others. May has been a month of doing last minute things before leaving uni. I spent some time with my family near in London, went to Isle of Wight where my cousin lives. I  have babysat quite a bit, which is always good and I recently went to Switzerland.

An American friend here who goes to Chapman Uni in California wanted to go to another country before leaving as did I and she had always wanted to go to Switzerland so that’s what we did. We went to the French speaking part (as opposed to the German) and stayed in a city called Lausanne which is on Lake Geneva and close to the city of Geneva. It was an interesting experience. I got to speak some French which was satisfying having taken French all year. Switzerland is a very expensive country which is a nuisance but we did eat good food and see some cool sights. We were near the Swiss Alps so we went up a mountain that was 6,000 odd feet and covered in snow. I don’t think I am in a rush to go back to Switzerland but it is always good to add another country to the list of ones you’ve been to.

This is Lausanne with Lake Geneva in the background.

Lake Geneva and the Alps

Up in the Alps, Rochers de Naye

This week has some Uni events, Saturday’s being the biggest all year. It is called Summer Ball and it is an all day and all night affair. It is somewhat like a festival, drinks, music and in the evening a fireworks show and Tinie Tempah is performing this year which many are very excited about. It is tomorrow and then many are leaving to go home for the summer. I am off to Edinburgh, Scotland on the 27th to see my godmother who is currently doing a tour of Scotland. I will be there for 4 nights with her and am really looking forward to it. Last time I was in Edinburgh was almost 8 years ago and I loved it so am very excited to go back. It was also be lovely to see my godmother of course.

Then on the 2nd of June, my aunties will collect me from uni and I will spend most of the remainder of my time here in Sutton which I have called home whilst being here. I hope to go visit my best friend here for two nights or so before leaving as well. I spent a week with her and her family at the end of our Easter holiday and it was lovely.

I leave for Seattle on the 14th of June, and really have mixed feelings about it. I am not ready to leave England but of course want to see my family and friends in Seattle and I actually really miss driving.

I knew I had to come for a year to see if I could actually live in London or England in general and I have learned that I definitely can so when I graduate in two years (bloody primary ed degree) I will be back in England and this time for good.

I have loved every second of living in London and cannot wait to be back

Again sorry for the late posts and maybe not as many as there should have been, blogging was honestly harder than I thought!

Cheers xxx




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