2nd Term almost done!

Apologies for another late post!

It is the 15th of March and last week of classes. I have a French exam next week then two papers for my other modules due at the end of April.

Things are getting busier as this term is coming to an end, but luckily I am still able to go into Central.

A few weeks ago, my best friend here, Hannah, and I wanted to explore new areas we hadn’t been to so we got on the tube, took a look at the map and picked a place to start. There is a British murder mystery show called Whitechapel and the cases are about copycat murders of Jack the Ripper and the Kray brothers. The Kray’s were famous east end gangsters. We took the tube to Whitechapel and went to a pub where Ronnie Kray went in, shot a rival gang member then walked out. The pub is called the Blind Beggar and there is still a bullet hole in the wall by the bar where George Cornell was sat when he was shot. Not a overly nice place so we didn’t stay to eat. We got on the tube again and decided to get off at Kings Cross St. Pancras and we found a pub in that area for lunch. The pub is called the Skinner’s Arms and it was amazing. It was a lovely pub with good space, nice atmosphere and delicious food. We were there for three hours, eating a drinking and it was so nice 🙂

Hannah and the bar of the pub 🙂

The following weekend I went home to Sutton, as it was English Mother’s Day, I spent Saturday with just my aunties then on Sunday, had a lovely lunch with my aunties, family friend who I live with and one of her sons.

It was a somewhat busy week starting on the 7th. I have a 3,500 word portfolio due at the end of April for the creative writing class and it is a piece of innovative fiction, something that until now, I was not familiar with. I had a tutorial with my professor for the project then the class which is 3 hours long. That night it was Grand, the club in Clapham Junction. On Wednesday there was Southlands College dinner which was so cute. It was the awards dinner,and we all got dressed up and had really good food. I love that each college in the Uni have these dinners because it really feels like a community and they are so cute!

This last weekend was nice because Hannah and I went to Gordon Ramsay’s Union Street Cafe, as part of a package by parents got me for my 21st birthday. It was lovely, we had a three course meal and prosecco and we felt well posh. After, we went for a walk, crossed the river and made our way towards the City. We were headed to a little shopping centre when we saw people on top of a roof taking pictures so we went that way and turns out they were on the roof of the shopping centre we were going to. I love discovering not only new places but new viewpoints. If I could go to every viewpoint of London, I would. It was amazing.

Last night I had dinner with a Seattle friend who I have known since we were about 6, at elementary school. She is interning here in London and as we have known each other so long and both happen to be 5,000 miles away from Seattle and in the same city we thought it would be nice to meet up. It was so nice, we had dinner in Covent Garden and it was so nice to catch up.

This week needs to be productive, I have a test next week then we have Easter break for three weeks. Sorry for the long post, just wanted to catch you all up!

Cheers for now xx

Classy loo selfie in Gordon Ramsay’s

St. Paul’s Cathedral from below

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