As I have previously mentioned, keeping up a journal or blog is not a strength of mine. It recently came to my attention that I forgot to post a reflection following my return home! Luckily, I can say I am still reflecting and finally recovered from the reverse culture shock I never believed I would experience.

Returning home I was filled with mixed emotions. I was excited to be home with my family for Christmas, but I was also sad to say goodbye to the beautiful country that had been my home for four months and to all the friends I had made there.

After many tearful goodbyes in Italy and tearful welcomes in Oregon, I settled back into the life I left in September. The most difficult part for me has been staying in one place for so long. After traveling on most weekends while I was abroad, I still have that itch to explore new places and have new experiences. In addition to this, fall term was my final term at WOU before all my credits were completed, so, in addition to the change of environment I have also been adjusting to the change that comes after graduation with no longer attending regular classes and seeing friends regularly. With all of that said, it IS good to be home. 🙂


Here are some pictures from the end of my experience abroad and of my return:


Venice in December


One last look at my favorite building in Florence!


Christmas time in Florence = Singing Santas on a train

IMG_5498 IMG_5582

A street art souvenir for my dad!


My last tiramisu!


An evening ice skating in Florence


Our last CIS Abroad dinner!


Home sweet home!



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