Two Weeks Left!

I do believe I may have missed a week…or two. So, that being said, its time to catch up! ¬†As my time left here in Florence gets shorter and shorter the weeks begin to fly by faster and faster! During the past three weeks I have been to Sicily, Rome, Copenhagen, and after this coming weekend I will have visited Venice as well. After that I have one more week of classes, three days of finals, and then it is time to board the plane back to Portland! Its hard to believe that I will have been here for almost three months, it has gone by much, much quicker than I expected. I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity, and I know I will soon be missing this city terribly, but at the same time I can’t wait to see my family again and be home for Christmas (it was hard enough missing Thanksgiving!). Anyways, enjoy some photos from my adventures these past three weeks! Again, I’m afraid I must apologize for being such a terrible blogger!



Sicily- Catania, Taormina, and Mt. Etna

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IMG_5177 IMG_5155 IMG_5149 IMG_5116 IMG_5096 IMG_5085 image4 image3 (1) image2 (1) image1 (2)

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