Week 9 perhaps? – Classes, Dublin, and an Hour Glass quickly running out of sand

It’s mid November and I’ve been too afraid to count how many days I have left in this lovely country, but I’m growing more aware of my time left (four weeks, I just checked). School is getting more demanding now and all my class projects are in full swing and all due at the same time. I’m becoming more worried about having regrets when I get home about things I wanted to do here and didn’t. While I’m becoming more busy the weather is getting colder, the days shorter, and my money tighter. Things are pretty against me getting out and seeing more of Dublin and the country. Despite that, I still have one more program excursion to look forward to (they’ve been a great benefit of CIS abroad just like Lisa mentioned recently) and this weekend I have a very good friend coming to visit from home for several days, and we’re going to adventure! Four weeks is still a lot, and I can and plan to do a lot with it.
I haven’t been homesick much here which has been so nice, but I’m wondering how much of it has been because I’m comfortable here, and how much because I’m here with someone I’m comfortable with. Either way, it’s been a blessing. Studying abroad has given me the chance to grow in completely new and unexpected ways, some of which I don’t expect to fully realize till after I’ve been back home for a while. But I’ve also noticed myself growing in smaller ways, toward things I’ve been aiming toward for some time now but was not able to reach at home, where I was beginning to feel a bit stuck. I needed a catalyst to move forward and studying abroad was it for me. I’m already starting to look at things back home in a new light, appreciating things and people more and becoming more hopeful and excited for things I wasn’t before. I’m really excited for the chance to reflect more over the break on my experience here.
I don’t have much else to say now, not much has been going on besides school and the occasional excursion into the city center, but I have a few photos to share from the last few weeks from the Jameson tour, holiday lights, and other random things. Enjoy!

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