Pre-Departure to Queretaro

Hi, my name’s Caitlin Mills.  I’ve been looking forward to studying abroad in Queretaro, Mexico for a very long time.  Overall, I am very excited to Mexico.  I’ve always wanted to travel and learn more about Spanish.  I’m excited to for the opportunity to learn about another culture and take Spanish and an ESOL class for the education program.  I am a little nervous, only because I have a tendency to get home sick.  To help with the nerves, I want to keep myself busy by exploring Queretaro with my friends so that I adjust quickly and experience more of what the city has to offer.  I also want to be an example to show that not all Americans are what is portrayed on TV.

What I know of so far about my host culture is that extended family are more likely to live in the same house, grandparents, cousins, etc. live with a family.  I also know it’s not that uncommon for older children, college grads, to still live at home.  The culture places a higher value in families than in the States.  Mexican’s also love their spicy food.  I’ve heard that driving in Mexico is crazier than it is in the States.  Houses are smaller, but are more decorative.  I picture the houses as modern, or the stucco build that is seen in the Southwestern states.  I also know that they love soccer.  Most of the population is Catholic.


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