Preferred Gender Pronoun/ Personal Pronouns

Ze/Per/Hir/They  – Pronouns used in the trans community instead of “he/she” or “him/her.” These pronouns offer inclusion and accuracy for someone who doesn’t identify by the male/female gender classifications. Note: Not all trans people use these pronouns; many use “he” or “she.”

[Hir:  (here)  A non-gender specific pronoun used instead of “her” and “him.” 

Sie or Ze:  (see or zee)  A non-gender specific pronoun used instead of “she” and “he.” 

Ve:  (vee)  A non-gender specific pronoun used instead of “she” and “he.”]


Subject Object Possessive Adjective Possessive Pronoun Reflexive
Female She Her Her Hers Herself
Male He Him His His Himself
Gender Neutral Ze Hir Hir Hirs Hirself
Gender Neutral Pronunciation /zee/ /here/ /here/ /heres/ /hereself/

Below are less common pronouns, but they are still important to understand:

Nominative(subject) Oblique(object) Possessive
Spivak (old) E laughed I called em Eir eyes gleam That is eirs E likes eirself
Spivak (new) Ey laughed I called em Eir eyes gleam That is eirs Ey likes emself
Tho and Thong (new) Tho laughed I called Thor Thors eyes gleam That is Thor Tho likes Thongself
Humanist Hu laughed I called hum Hus eyes gleam That is hus Hu likes humself
Per Per laughed I called per Per eyes gleam That is pers Per likes perself
Thon Thon laughed I called thon Thons eyes gleam That is thons Thon likes thonself
Jee, Jeir, Jem Jee laughed I called jem Jeir eyes gleam That is jeirs Jee likes jemself
Ve Ve laughed I called ver Vis eyes gleam That is vis Ve likes verself
Xe Xe laughed I called xem Xyr eyes gleam That is xyrs Xe likes xemself
Ze (or zie or sie) and zir Ze laughed I called zir/zem Zir/Zes eyes gleam That is zirs/zes Ze likes zirself
Ze (or zie or sie) and hir Ze laughed I called hir Hir eyes gleam That is hirs Ze likes hirself
Ze and mer Ze laughed I called mer Zer eyes gleam That is zers Ze likes zemself
Zhe, Zher, Zhim Zhe laughed I called zhim Zher eyes gleam That is zhers Zhe likes zhimself

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