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Division of Student Affairs

WUC 203 | 503-838-8221 | wou.edu/student |

The Division of Student Affairs fosters students’ academic, personal, and professional growth. They aim to educate students to recognize, respect, and appreciate diversity, as well as prepare students to be responsible and engaged citizens in a global community. The Division of Student Affairs includes departments such as Abby’s House, Student Engagement, Disability Services, and many more.

Bias Incident Report Form:

Use this form to report an incident of bias if it is an act of conduct, speech, or expression that targets an individual or group based on their actual or perceived race/color, religion, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity/expression, age, disability, or sexual orientation.


Abby’s House

WUC 106 | 503-838-8219 | wou.edu/abbyshouseInstagram

Abby’s House provides the WOU community with educational programming, information, and referral services designed to promote equity and non-violence. Abby’s House helps provide resources for issues such as sexual violence, relationship violence, sexual harassment, child abuse, stalking, stress, anxiety, depression, suicide women’s health, breast cancer, contraception, STD testing, substance abuse, eating disorders, and gender identity.

Stonewall Center

WUC 110 | 503-838-8219 | wou.edu/student-engagement/programs/stonewall-centerInstagram

The Stonewall Center provides resources, support, and advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community at WOU through compassionate, educational experience and an engaging community environment. The Stonewall Center is located on the first floor of the WUC and is equipped with comfortable couches, games, and people to get support from and talk to.

Triangle Alliance

trianglealliance@wou.edu | https://today.wou.edu/2016/04/26/wou-triangle-alliance/  | Facebook Page | Instagram 

Triangle Alliance is a student-run organization that aims to create a space for member and allies of the LGBTQ+ community to feel safe, welcome, and connected. It is a club on campus that acts as a social network focused on acceptance, equality, and education. Triangle Alliance’s meetings are once weekly and the day, time, and room used are varied by term.

Wolf Pride Network

WOU Pride Network Instagram Page

The Wolf Pride Network is an LGBTQ+ organization for WOU faculty and staff to gather and build relationships with one another, provide presence and support to LGBTQ+ students, and create positive change on campus. We do this by having regular meetings and socials to build connections between faculty and staff members, promoting a welcoming community to new LGBTQ+ faculty and staff, advocating for positive change on campus to serve LGBTQ+ students, and participating in campus events.

Black Student Union (BSU)

Black Student Union Instagram Page

Our goal: The Black Student Union exists to promote cultural awareness, political awareness, and to provide support for all students and the community. We extend open arms to all students, faculty and staff of all ethnic backgrounds.


https://wou.edu/feminstem/ | Instagram

FEM in STEM Mission:

FEM in STEM works on the Western Oregon University campus to connect and support female, non-binary, and other underserved and ally students in STEM fields. Our focus is on education, support, and community connection to tangible STEM role models who have a variety of careers and career paths. 

Multicultural Student Services and Programs (MSSP)

https://wou.edu/multicultural/mcrs/cultural-connections/ | Instagram

The office of Multicultural Student Services & Programs is committed to the recruitment, retention and graduation of historically underrepresented & underserved populations by providing educational opportunities and outstanding programming for ethnically and culturally diverse students. MSSP strives to enrich the undergraduate experience and foster a supportive environment for students of color to live, learn and grow as active members of the Western Oregon University community and as individuals. 

Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (JEDI)


The office of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion centers anti-racism and anti-colonialism in our college. By placing justice first, we amplify the need to name oppression and remove barriers for students, staff, and faculty who traditionally experience inequity, invisibility, and harm in institutions of higher education.


Unidos Facebook 

Unidos Club is a support system to anyone who identifies as undocumented and/or are DACA recipients. We welcome allies who want to contribute to our cause.

Multicultural Student Union (MSU)


To promote diversity and cultural awareness throughout the Western Oregon University campus and the surrounding community. MSU gives students, faculty and staff an opportunity to share their cultural background while learning about others.


Student Health and Counseling Center

| Health Center: 503-838-8313 | Counseling Center: 503-838-8396 | wou.edu/student/health |

The Student Health and Counseling Center provides support to students for medical and counseling needs, as well as provide health education, events, and prevention services. The Student Health and Counseling Center contains a Rest and Relaxation Room where students can make an appointment and enjoy a massage chair, therapy lighting, biofeedback equipment, or just a calming environment to listen to music and relax in.

Campus Public Safety

| Emergency: 503-838-9000 | Main Office: 503-838-8481 | wou.edu/safety |

Campus Public Safety is responsible for public safety, emergency preparedness, risk management, and parking enforcement. Campus Public Safety provides services such as emergency assistance and safety escorting.

How to Update/Change Your Pronouns in Canvas


How to add or change pronouns in Canvas

All-Gender Bathrooms Map

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