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Digital Commons@WOU (online at, home to WOU’s scholarship and research, is getting noticed by a worldwide audience. The numbers on the readership map (below) illustrate the popularity of student and faculty work, but it’s the stories behind the numbers that make compelling reading. Read more in our library newsletter.

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Scott Carter finalist for the Oregon Book Award–again!

Congratulations to Scott Carter! He is a finalist for his 2nd Oregon Book Award for Scott William Carterhis book, Wooden Bones, which was published by Simon & Schuster in 2012.  The nomination is in the Children’s Literature category.  The awards are presented at a March 17th ceremony.
By day, Scott is the Information Technologist in Hamersly Library’s Technology Resource Center.  Come twilight and 5 p.m. Fridays, he turns into Scott William Carter.

In 2011, Scott won for The Last Great Getaway of the Water Balloon Boys, also published by Simon and Schuster. That award was in the Young Adult Literature category.

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WOU faculty are constantly publishing articles, books, and chapters in books. The library is now offering two ways of locating some of these (shown below): a feed of items appearing in the Ebscohost Databases and a feed of items appearing in Google Scholar. While there is some overlap between the contents of both feeds, each contains unique items.
You can subscribe to them using a reader (such as iGoogle) or visit this page regularly to see what is new.


The feeds are not a comprehensive list of publications and may also include a limited number of scholarly publications that mention WOU or WOU faculty but are not actually written by WOU faculty. In particular, publications by faculty in the humanities may be underrepresented.


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