Save paper by printing double-sided

paper_stack.jpgTo do this on most campus printers:
1. Select File –> Print from your document
2. Choose the printer (e.g., \krustyLab-HLRef)
3. Click the Properties button.
4. On the Paper/Output tab, find in the 2-Sided Printing dropdown menu and select “2-sided print.
5. Click the OK buttons for the two windows.

Want to be even more efficient? Print 2, 4, or more pages per side on each sheet of paper!
Under Properties, go to the Layout/Watermark tab. Select the number of pages to appear on each side, and select Portrait or Landscape orientation.

Following these simple steps saves a massive amount of resources!

See what WOU faculty are publishing


WOU faculty are constantly publishing articles, books, and chapters in books. The library is now offering two ways of locating some of these (shown below): a feed of items appearing in the Ebscohost Databases and a feed of items appearing in Google Scholar. While there is some overlap between the contents of both feeds, each contains unique items.
You can subscribe to them using a reader (such as iGoogle) or visit this page regularly to see what is new.


The feeds are not a comprehensive list of publications and may also include a limited number of scholarly publications that mention WOU or WOU faculty but are not actually written by WOU faculty. In particular, publications by faculty in the humanities may be underrepresented.


Recent publications by WOU faculty in Ebscohost Databases


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Recent Publications by WOU faculty in Google Scholar


See more results from Google Scholar


Google goes scholarly

Google Scholar is the newest search tool from Google, separate from its main search engine.
Its purpose is “to search specifically for scholarly literature, including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and technical reports from all broad areas of research.” The full text of many items is available online (either freely or by using the “Find it @ WOU” link), although in some instances abstracts with links to pay-per-view document delivery services are displayed.
Google Scholar searches a specific subset of Google’s index and covers a wide range of academic content areas. The coverage is strongest in science and technology and weakest in the humanities.
One particuluarly useful aspect of Google Scholar is the ability to easily find articles that have cited the one you are looking at. Look for the “Cited by” link to take advantage of this feature.
If you are off campus, you may want to use the access to Google Scholar provided by WOU’s Articles and Databases page. This way, the “Find it @ WOU” links will show up and the content that WOU pays for on your behalf will be available to you.
Please keep in mind that since Google Scholar is a beta product, things keep changing. The content, coverage and functionality may be different from when you last used it.


[ebrary_sm.gif]( is a company that provides electronic books to libraries.


WOU’s Library and Media Services has purchased access to ebrary’s Academic Complete collection, which contains the full-text of nearly 40,000 ebooks covering topics from the classics to the cutting edge.

Try a search:

Find ebooks on your topic right now.

Enter keywords


You may search across the full-text of all ebrary ebooks, much like searching full text articles in JSTOR. Simply clicking on the title of a book allows instant viewing of documents in your browser, any time.

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