Campus Printing 101

printerStudents have 225 pre-paid print credits attached to their network accounts each term that they are enrolled at WOU.

A single page (one side) of a black & white printout costs 1 credit.  A single color printout costs 5 credits.

You can check your print credit balance.  If you need to purchase additional credits, do so through WolfWeb under the Student Menu.  Credits are immediately available for use.

Whatever credits you don’t use roll over to the next term–so if you have 83 remaining after Fall term, you’ll have 308 when Winter term begins.  However, accounts are wiped clean before Fall terms, and everyone starts again with 225.

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Print multiple PowerPoint slides to a single page

Printing professors’ slides for study purposes can quickly diminish print credit balance, make biMultiple PowerPoint slides printed on a single pagenders unwieldy and backpacks heavy, and waste the gifts from our arboreal friends. But if you are not ready to study from the slides in their digital form, you can print several on a single page and reduce your paper consumption considerably.

The key to do this is that you must haMultiple slides on a single pageve the file in PowerPoint (extensions are .ppt and .pptx).  The Print window in this program allows you to change from printing Slides to Handouts (see red arrow), and then to indicate how many Slides per page (see green box).

If the professor has saved the slide set to another format, try getting the same results by printing multiple Pages per Sheet.  This is a printer setting, however.  We talk about it in the Save paper by printing double-sided post. You can also request the professor makes the slides available in the original file format.



Ask for a librarian when you need research help

South Park librarian avatars

The library faculty are here to help you learn and discover effective ways to identify, access, and use information.  Examples of common questions:

  • finding a couple articles that are “peer-reviewed” (and understanding what that means)
  • completing a citation for an article when you only have a title
  • finding images of landscapes by Chinese painters
  • citing a strange type of resource properly
  • finding primary sources regarding German agriculture before and after the industrial revolution. We love helping with wild questions like that. (Seriously, we do.)

Our public services desks are often staffed with our knowledgeable and customer-oriented library technicians and student employees.  They answer questions regarding library information, resources, and technology, but they call a librarian to provide more complicated or in-depth assistance.  You can always ask directly for the available librarian at the desk, or you can schedule an appointment with the librarian appropriate to your subject area.  You can also consult subject or class-specific research guides compiled by librarians.

Turn your Facebook network into a study group is an app that allows for study groups and other project collaboration within Facebook. Your collaboration can be private and shared only with specific friends, or it can be open to others at WOU or worldwide also working on your subject. (You don’t have to be Facebook friends to collaborate on Hoot.)’s chat has the special characters necessary for calculus, chemistry, and more.


EasyBibEasyBib is an online tool that helps you organize and use your research sources, including the generation of an APA, MLA, or Chicago/Turabian formatted citation list. The library’s link to EasyBib gets you premium access.  Create a new project for each of your research projects, and store your bibliography for the life of the project or beyond.  Add notes

Connect EasyBib to Google Apps @ WOU for further functionality: Sign in via the Google button, and enter your WOU email address

Google accounts sign in screen for