Fall 2018: General Ecology (BI 357)

Other courses: Principles of Biology (BI 212), Marine Ecology (BI 361), Invertebrate Zoology (BI 451), Marine Vertebrates (BI 453), Biology of Insects (BI 474), Artistic Pathways to Scientific Understanding (H 375), Biodiversity of Primary Producers (BI 458)


Artistic Pathways to Scientific Understanding: Exploring and creating art-science connections

Macroinvertebrate communities as indicators of tidal marsh recovery in the Salmon River estuary, Oregon

Spatial and temporal variation of the macroinvertebrate community along the Little Luckiamute River

Biology Majors with emphases in Natural History/Field Biology and in Zoology
Students (any major) interested in pre-Veterinary Medicine or pre-Medical Laboratory Science

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