No GoPro? Use a Smartphone!

Have you ever wished you could take your class on a virtual mini-field trip, or do your students go into the field to collect data (which would be neat to film), but you don’t want to carry a bunch of gear so you can get video?Montage_d'une_Gopro_HD_sur_un_masque_de_chasse_sous-marine  The GoPro is a great little wearable video action cam intended to take about any abuse from being bashed on rocks to submerged in the ocean.  However, even though the GoPro is pretty inexpensive, you still probably do not want to buy them by the bundle for student outings.  So what’s the solution?

The majority of students in our classes have smartphones flickr-2830319467-hd, and you probably have one with you wherever you go.  The bonus is that most smartphones have quite good cameras and video capability.  If you want some great tips for how to use a smartphone as a GoPro-substitute safely and effectively, you might check out this article in VideoMaker magazine.  This is really going to be useful for my Honors General Science class students in their documentary projects.