Book: Transforming Scholarly Publishing through Open Access

Citation: Bailey, C. Transforming Scholarly Publishing through Open Access: A Bibliography. (2010). Retrieved from

Bailey’s Transforming Scholarly Publishing through Open Access was published as a web-based bibliographic monograph in 2010. The work includes a very brief overview defining Open Access, and then presents citations split into a number of broad categories:

  1. General Works
  2. Copyright Arrangements for Self Archiving and Use
  3. Open Access Journals
  4. E-prints
  5. Disciplinary Archives
  6. Institutional Repositories
  7. Open Archives Initiative and OAI-PMH
  8. Library Issues
  9. Conventional Publisher Perspectives
  10. Open Access Legislation, Government Reviews, Funding Agency Mandates, and Policies
  11. Open Access in Countries with Emerging and Developing Economies
  12. Open Access Books

Most of these are split into further sub-categories.

Despite the bibliography’s publication date making some categories dated and some of the URLs to the items it references no longer working, it remains an excellent general resource for anyone looking to find research and other materials on Open Access from the 2000s.

Bailey’s other works on Open Access topics can be found on his website