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Must all fit on one line. You can tighten up the space in-between the tabs by following these few simple steps.

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The left nav is optional but if used the max amount is 8.


Must utilize either Homepage Option 1 or Homepage Option 2 and needs to have more content then just the slideshow of images at the top.


Color is one of the most important elements of the Western Oregon University identity system. Red and white are the official primary colors. WOU gray and silver are optional colors. If you choose to change colors of table backgrounds and what not, below are the colors to choose from.

Primary colors Secondary colors
wou_red wou_white wou_black wou_gray wou_silver
HEX: #db0a29
HEX: #ffffff
HEX: #000000
HEX: #c4c6c8
HEX: #a7a9ac

Linking out to other sites

If you are adding content to your site that is repetitive and already exists on another WOU site, please link to their page so we can eliminate duplicate information and needing things to be updated in two separate places.

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La WOU prohíbe la discriminación por motivos de raza, color, sexo, origen nacional o étnico, edad, religión, estado civil, discapacidad, condición de veterano, orientación sexual, identidad de género y expresión de género en todos los programas, actividades y prácticas de empleo, tal como lo exige el Título IX y otras leyes y políticas aplicables. La WOU prohíbe las represalias.

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