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WOU Expands program to Oregon reservists

Oregon Marine Corps Reservists who were denied GI Bill® Educations benefits after a recent deployment under the obscure Section 12304b of Title 10 of the U.S. Code are now eligible for WOU’s expanded Voyager Award scholarship program. The Voyager Award is traditionally for members of the National Guard or Reserves who are Oregon residents and meet the military service requirements. Eligible members can receive up to four years of tuition assistance. This scholarship is considered a “last dollar” program, meaning it is calculated after other state and federal grants for which eligible students qualify.

Application fee waived

Western Oregon recognizes members of the U.S. Armed Forces and Honorably discharged Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces by exempting them from the $60 admissions Application fee. Provide a copy of your DD-214, or, for current military members, a copy of your most recent military orders, Enlisted Records Brief (ERB), or Officer Records Brief (ORB). 

Once you have completed the online application for admissions form please select the “defer your application fee” box.  When the supporting documents have been received the application fee will be waived and your application will be processed.  You can scan or e-mail these docuemts to

Oregon National Guard state tuition assistance

The Legislature passed House Bill 4035 in 2018 authorizing the HECC to administer $2.5 million in grants to Oregon National Guard service members attending Oregon community colleges or public universities. The Oregon National Guard State Tuition Assistance grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis until all available funds are used to current eligible service members of the Oregon Army National Guard and the Oregon Air National Guard. Prospective students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to benefit from this grant.  The grant is a “last dollar” program, meaning it is calculated after other state and federal grants for which eligible students qualify. 

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