Audio Conferencing

If your phone has a ‘conference’ button, you have the ability to create an ad-hoc conference call  whenever is convenient for you, with no extra fee or resources to schedule. Begin by calling your first party member, then press ‘conference’, dial the next party’s extension, and then press ‘conference’ or ‘complete’. Repeat this sequence up to four times for a total of six members, including yourself, in the conference.

UCS can also provide you with a special call-in number and conference code for up to six callers in a conference without requiring you to dial each party individually. This service is available to campus for a small fee and includes use of a specialized audio conference phone if required.

Multimedia Conferencing:

  • Please contact us to discuss point to point and bridged multimedia conferencing options.


  • Telecommunications 503-838-8010 or University Computing Help Desk 503-838-8925


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