What is it? 

From College Source TES is a powerful tool for researching transfer credit, tracking evaluations, and managing course equivalencies all in one system.

Why did Western Oregon University adopt TES?

  • To research course descriptions all in one place
  • To reduce time spent finding course descriptions via individual institutional catalogs
  • To proactively explore equivalencies to generate matches (i.e., direct equivalencies)
  • Provides the capability to match to user-defined generic courses (i.e., 1XX and 2XX) for courses that do not have direct equivalencies
  • TES provides a workflow routing system to track the review of courses
  • The ability to track responsiveness to transfer credit evaluation requests
  • Proactively manage, maintain, and update course equivalencies 



Transfer Pathways

503-838-8732 | or e-mail: transferpathways@wou.edu | Location: ITC 204D