What is the Oregon Transfer Compass?

Thousands of students transfer to and between Oregon colleges and universities each year, and the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) works with all parties to make those transitions go as smoothly as possible.

House Bill 2998 (2017) directs HECC and Oregon’s community colleges and universities to work together to improve transfer pathways between Oregon’s community colleges and public universities.

HB 2998 (2017) addresses some of the unintended shortcomings of prior statewide transfer tools, in particular reducing excess credits and preparing students for transfer with junior standing in their specific majors. HB 2998 requires a Core Transfer Map (CTM) which is defined as 30 credits of general education that must count toward degree requirements (rather than electives). The CTM does not fulfill all general education requirements but rather, provides a tool for students who are unsure of their major or transfer institution through a set of courses that will meet general education requirements. The bill requires colleges and universities to develop three Major Transfer Maps (MTMs) per year. These MTMs prescribe specific general education and lower-division course pathways for students. The intent of the MTMs is to decrease excess credit and decrease time to degree for transfer students who know their major course of study. MTMs must be designed so that students can transfer with no lost credit or unnecessarily repeated coursework. A completed MTMs will guarantee a student junior standing in the major course of study.

Sample Materials:

Coming soon! Major Transfer Maps

A Major Transfer Map (MTM) is a course plan for a major that, when completed, will allow students to transfer credits from any Oregon community college to any Oregon public university, and count all of those credits toward a bachelor’s degree in a specific major.

Currently, Major Transfer Maps have been approved for:

  • Computer Science
  • English Literature
  • Biology
  • Business
  • Education 

These programs must be approved by the community college board before they are available to students at each institution. If you have any questions, contact Dr. Kristin Mauro (maurok@wou.edu). 

Now Available! Core Transfer Maps

The Core Transfer Maps are groups of eight classes that add up to at least 30 credits. When the full set of eight courses are successfully completed at an Oregon community college, they are guaranteed to transfer as a block to any Oregon public university, and they will count toward that university’s core bachelor’s degree requirements. Core Transfer Maps are a streamlined subset of the Oregon Transfer Module and the Associates of Arts Transfer degree and can improve efficiency in credit transfer between postsecondary institutions through its organized general education framework. 

Make an appointment with Dr. Kristin Mauro (maurok@wou.edu) to select the Core Transfer Map that is right for you!



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