Student Directed Plays

Students who complete the Directing sequence (TA 364 Play Direction & TA 457 Advanced Directing) with good grades (“B” or better) are eligible to apply for a directing slot in the Studio Theatre. As part of that application, students direct an audition production of a short to medium length one-act, usually in the year before they are applying to direct a full-length production.


Just as in the case of auditioning for a role in a production, there is no guarantee of a directing slot. After directing the audition one-act, students may formally apply for a directing slot by completing an “Application for Directing Projects” form. Students are required to submit at least two, and preferably three choices of script that they are interested in directing. (These may be ordered by preference.) The faculty will then meet with each student director and discuss the various submitted plays, the technical needs of each of the shows, and whether the student’s strengths and weaknesses match up well to the submitted scripts.


Final determination regarding which students will be given directing slots, and what plays they will direct, is based on a number of factors, including (but not limited to) the number of slots available versus the number of applicants, the success of the student’s audition one-act, the faculty’s belief that the student is ready to direct a full-length play, whether the plays submitted match to the student’s skill level, whether a particular play submission would help the student grow as a director, and how the play fits into our overall season.
Student directed productions, even though lower in budget than mainstage productions, are nevertheless fully mounted productions, with assigned designers, stage managers, etc.




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