Production Workshop

Production Workshop is a hands-on, practical application class in scenery, costuming, lighting or other areas of technical theatre, depending on the section for which you sign up (different TA 253 instructors teach different things). It is available in one, two or three credits and for each credit taken, one must complete thirty hours of time in one of the shops. So, one credit equals thirty hours of shop time, two credits means sixty hours and three credits is ninety hours (not recommended without careful consideration).Working with other students, staff and faculty, you will be creating the environments in which the action of our theatrical productions are set.

The hours are scheduled by arrangement with the instructor or shop supervisor after you sign up for the class – it is your responsibility to make contact and schedule your hours. For scenery, the shop is typically open from 12:30 to 5:30, and you must schedule blocks of shop time not shorter than two hours per session.

To enroll in the class, bring an add form to Rice 101B during Scott Grim’s office hours or see Lenore Eliassen in the Rice Auditorium box office.





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