Run Crew

Run Crew is the collection of people working on a production during the run of the show. It includes such things as working in the booth running lights or sound, working backstage, being on wardrobe crew, etc.

You can get TA 253/353 credit for being on running crew. Students selected for running crew positions on our productions may receive at least one credit per week the show is performed. Running crew positions last for one to two weeks and typically entail evening and weekend hours. To be considered for running crew positions, place your name on the crew sign-up sheets that are posted in Rice Auditorium, near the start of each term. Crew selection is done by the second or third week of the term.


Possible Positions include:

Crew Head – responsible for the crew’s attendance, safety, and schedule.
Deck Chief – responsible for the smooth and efficient running of the backstage area during a performance.
Deck Crew – responsible for scene changes including but not limited to set pieces, set dressing, furniture, etc.
Props Head – responsible for the upkeep, repair, cleaning, and running of all props during the run of a particular production.
Fly Supervisor – supervises the operation and maintenance of the fly system during performances.
Fly Crew – maintains and operates the fly system during performances.
Board Operators – maintains and runs the designated board during performances.
Follow Spot Operators – maintains and runs the follow spots during performances.
Microphone Wranglers – manages and maintains microphones during performances.
Wardrobe Supervisor – supervises the wardrobe and hair/make up crew during the run of the show.
Wardrobe Crew – responsible for maintenance and placement of costumes, as well as assisting performers in getting into and out of costumes.
Hair/Make Up Crew – responsible for applying or assisting in the application of face and body paints, wigs and hairpieces, etc.




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